A few days ago we released the latest update of our app.

Amongst new activities and bug fixes, the app has an updated image, all thanks to the work of designer Miltos Bottis (dylsectic.com)

We’ve been working with Miltos for months in order to produce the new filisia logo, the logo of our product Cosmo, our website, presentation decks, leaflets, videos and more.

The new Filisia logos

The concept and ideation


Graphic and photographic materials

The badges

One of the things we were most excited about is the work that Miltos did on our activity badges.
Our app has a bunch of activities and Miltos designed and icon for each one of them. His process started with understanding how the each activity worked and its name and from there he would start with collages that he later took to inDesign.



It was a painstaking process for each and every one of them:


Miltos is based in London, he’s an amazing person to work with we look forward to working with him again soon!