Why Cosmo?

  • Evidence-based to support progression

  • Helps train a variety of skills

  • Used to support multiple conditions

  • Simple to set up and easy to use

Some use cases for Cosmo

Click on the areas below to learn more about how Cosmo can help you train various skills across different therapy settings.

Cosmo can complement different areas of Occupational Therapy such as sensory circuits, emotional regulation and motor planning. The range of activities available in the Cosmo Training app can support fine and gross motor skills, spatial and body awareness, attention and concentration. Cosmo also works well combined with other available sensory equipment to support Occupational Therapy activities.

Cosmo can support people with limited physical mobility and those who have sustained brain damage or stroke. The Cosmoids are equipped with dynamic force sensors that can adjust the responsiveness based on each person’s individual needs to improve muscle tone, speed and range of movement. The possibility to attach the Cosmoids to various surfaces using mounting arms and magnets significantly increases the accessibility and enables equal participation.

The engaging activities available in the Cosmo Training app can effectively support different Speech and Language therapy areas such as communication skills, gestural communication, following instructions, vocalisation, expressing preferences, and taking turns. Our research with the University of Birmingham and Cambridge University focused on how Cosmo can support communication skills for autistic people.

The ever-presence of music across all activities available in the Cosmo Training app allows for practising musical expression on every step. The music-centred activities encourage ways of alternative communication and self-expression, engaging everyone in a fun and inclusive interaction.

Uniquely versatile

We co-designed Cosmo with over 200 teachers, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, physical education teachers, music teachers, carers and more. They use Cosmo to train:

    • Turn-taking
    • Joint attention
    • Attention
    • Reaction time
    • Memory skills
    • Sequencing skills
    • Waiting skills
    • Hand-eye coordination
    • Balance
    • Proprioception
    • Speed and range of movement
    • Field of vision
    • Vocalisation
    • Following of instructions
    • Collaboration
    • Leadership
    • Problem-solving
    • Executive function
    • Transitions and more

Designed by Therapists Trusted by Parents Loved by Learners

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Read more about our design process and the data-driven, peer-reviewed study by Dr Kossyvaki (University of Birmingham) and Dr Sara Curran (Cambridge University).

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Intuitive and a breeze
to set up

We have worked countless hours so you can set your system up and start your first session in seconds.

Activities have easy settings and instructions. Simplicity works wonders.

Our guarantee to you

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