Cosmo Stars Ambassador Scheme

Cosmo could not exist without the knowledge, experience and passion of hundreds of teachers, therapists, parents and carers who over the years have contributed to making Cosmo a brilliant Assistive Technology tool.

Our Cosmo Stars Ambassador Scheme aims to bring together the SEND community who have helped so many children, young people and adults lead happier and more independent lives.

Who are Cosmo Stars?

Cosmo Stars are exceptional SEND educators, practitioners, therapy professionals, parents and carers passionate about using Cosmo to support people’s lives.

Why join Cosmo Stars?

As our Ambassador, you will:

  • Have exclusive access to knowledge and news
  • Network with the startup industry experts
  • Gain invaluable industry insights
  • Grow personally and professionally
  • Witness “behind the scenes” of Cosmo creation
  • Be on the frontline of everything that happens with Cosmo
  • Act as an advocate for Cosmo and Assistive Technologies
  • Build the community of like-minded SEN advocates
  • Connect with fantastic people from around the world


But most importantly, you will be among similar-minded, passionate and creative people who are already making a difference.

Apply today and shine bright among other Stars!