What is Cosmo?

Cosmo is a set of interactive and multi-sensory accessibility switches, also known as  Cosmoids, that work together with the Cosmo Training app (iPad only) and Switch Setup (iOS) and (Android) app.

Cosmo offers an ever-growing selection of activities that motivate learners to develop cognitive, communication and physical skills through play and music.

Our multi-sensory activities work towards achieving skill-based, functional, and national curriculum-compatible goals. Our interactive activities have been co-designed by therapists and special educators to reimagine learning, play and therapy.

What would I need to set up my Cosmoids?

Irrespective of the Cosmo package you purchase, each Cosmoid can be used in two ways:

  1. Play activities and games on the Cosmo Training app (iPad only)
  2. Set up as an accessibility switch using Switch Setup app (iOS & Android) to use third party apps and devices.


To play the Cosmo activities, you will need an iPad [iOS 12.0 or newer] to download our Cosmo Training app. ( If you are uncertain about your iOS version, here’s how to find it:


Open the Settings app on your iPad > General > About. )


To set up the Cosmoids as accessibility switches:

You need can download the Cosmo Switch Setup app on any iOS or android phone or tablet. This app is for setting up the accessibility switch. Once you have set up the switch with specific settings and preferences, the Cosmoid can be paired with any device with Bluetooth v4 or later (BLE). This includes devices with all operating systems (Windows, Google, Mac, Android, Linux, etc) and nearly all tablets, smartphones and computers that have been produced in the last 8 years.

Who is Cosmo designed for?

Cosmo is designed for children and adults with special educational needs and physical disabilities. Hence people of all ages and abilities can enjoy it!


Cosmo has been used by 15000 users, across 30 countries in schools, therapy, and home. It is found to be useful and suitable for people with moderate to severe autism, profound and multiple learning difficulties, cerebral palsy, brain injuries, and other physical, social, and communication difficulties.

What comes in the Cosmo kit?

Cosmo Excel:

  • 6 Cosmoids
  • Charging port with international adapters
  • USB charger cables
  • Magnets

Cosmo Explore:

  • 3 Cosmoids
  • Charging port with international adapters
  • USB charger cables
  • Magnets

Cosmo Switch:

  • 1 Cosmoid
  • USB charger cable
  • Magnet

Once you have your appropriate Cosmo kit: Search and download the free Cosmo apps and you’re ready to go!

Switch Setup (iOS) and (Android) app.



Can I use the Cosmoids with other applications, devices, or platforms?

Yes, each Cosmoid can be used with other third-party applications or devices by setting them up as an accessibility switch via Cosmo Switch Setup (iOS) and (Android) app.

Once the Cosmoid is customised as an accessibility switch, you can pair via Bluetooth to other devices such as laptops, desktops, iPads, tablets, and mobile phones. Then you can access or navigate dozens of online games and applications such as YouTube, Spotify, AAC devices.


Take a sneak peek at how it works.

How do I charge the Cosmoids?

Plug the Cosmoids into the charging port using the USB charging cables provided in the box. It will glow red while charging.

The Cosmoids take around 2-4 hours to charge and will glow green once fully charged.

If you have a set of 3 or 6 Cosmoids, you may charge them at the same time with the charging cables and adapter provided.

How long is the battery life?

The Cosmoids take around 2-4 hours to charge completely.

A full charge will keep the Cosmoids going for around a week of normal usage i.e 2 to 3 hours a day.

How robust are the Cosmoids?

We know that SEN/D devices must be built to last, so we have made Cosmoids to be very sturdy. With materials used in fighter jets, superb engineering, and clever electronics, Cosmo can last a longtime. They can withstand drops. But we recommend that you don’t use them with your feet.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, all Cosmoids are covered by a 24-month limited warranty.

Find out more about our policies here.

Is there a technical manual for the product?

Yes, you can find our technical manual here.

If you are looking for more guidance on using Cosmo, please contact us via contact form or chat.

If you are looking for guidance for the Cosmoid, please visit https://www.filisia.com/launchpad/

How does Cosmo activities help different learners?

Cosmo activities are multi-sensory and versatile. Though the activities focus on skill-based, functional and National Curriculum compatible goals, we are not prescriptive about the use of Cosmo. Most of users come up with interesting interaction ideas.

We follow the principles of Learning though Play and ensure, each Cosmo session imbibes valuable skills. Cosmo’s activities motivate learners to develop motor, cognitive, and communication skills using meaningful sound, light, colour and musical interactions.

Cosmo activities have been co-designed by teachers and therapists to help learners learn skills that can be transferable to tasks of everyday living.

For more detailed information on the educational value of each Cosmo activity, please see the Activity Guides in the app or here.

Enjoy a sneak peek of our activities in this video.

We are having issues with using the Cosmo app with Spotify.

“ We are having issues with using the Cosmo app with Spotify. It’s always worked great in the past but recently (possibly with the last update) it seems that the connection between Cosmo and Spotify is broken. Songs that we brought into the app in the past won’t play in any activity. We have Spotify Premium and it works fine. Our Cosmo app version in 2.9.17.”

Music Therapist


It has come to our attention that there has been a change in Spotify’s app integration. This has led to the issue you might face with pulling in songs from Spotify. We understand that this is frustrating and we are doing our best to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

We have released a version of the Cosmo Training app 2.9.19. Now available on the App Store.

Request you to please update the app, as this will fix the problem related to searching songs on Spotify.

However, there are still some other pending issues, which we are working on and will update you when we have a solution.

You will hear from us soon.

How do I unpair my Cosmoid with the device it is connected to?

To unpair a device from a Cosmoid you need to go to the device’s settings and unpair the device.

  • For iOS: Go to “Settings” – > ”Bluetooth”. Find the Cosmoid in the list and press the small circled “i” on the right. Then select “Forget Device”.
  • For a Windows PC:  Go to “Bluetooth & Other Devices”, select the Cosmoid, and press “Remove Device”.
  • For macOS: Go to “Bluetooth Preferences”, select right-click on your Cosmoid, and press “remove”.

Note: Some of these operating systems have the option to “disconnect” which is not what you want to do to unpair from the Cosmoid. You have to select “Forget” or “Remove” instead.


How do I pair my Cosmo Switch with another device such as a desktop?

To pair with a device, you need to enable Bluetooth and open the device-specific Bluetooth Settings:

  • “Bluetooth Preferences” for macOS
  • “Add Bluetooth or other devices” on Windows
  • “Bluetooth” in “Settings” of iOS

The Cosmoid should appear in a list as “Cosmo HIDxxxxx” (where xxxxx is the device’s serial number). All you have to do from this point is to connect to the Cosmoid. If everything went well, the device should stop showing the light patterns described above and enter regular switch operation (the light brightness and colour depend on the settings made during configuration with Cosmo Switch app).

One of my Cosmoids is not lighting up and is dark.

“I decided to update the firmware of our 6 Cosmoids. Five of the Cosmoids updated successfully, but the 6th has become unresponsive (not lighting up, grey or dark). It has been working before I attempted the firmware update, but now I can’t turn it on at all, neither does it light up when I plug in the power cable.”

School  Teacher


This may be a result of an unsuccessful firmware update

You may take the following steps or watch this video:

  1. Please turn off all Cosmoids and quit all Cosmo apps, i.e. Switch Setup and Cosmo Training app. Ensure the Cosmoids do not connect to any other iPads, phones or devices.
  2. Connect the unresponsive cosmoid to the charger for about 20 minutes, and then disconnect it from the charger
  3. Press the blue button at the bottom (NOTE: the light of the device will not turn on)
  4. Open the Cosmo Training app.
  5. Please go to Settings (top left on the main Cosmo activity menu) > Advanced Settings
  6. You should be able to see the first circle in blue.
  7. The Cosmoid will not light up still. But please go ahead and follow the steps for the firmware update and wait until successful.
  8. Once successful, the Cosmoid should light up or press the blue button at the bottom to light it up again.

If the problem persists, please reach out to us via contact form or chat, a member of our team will look into the issue.

5 Cosmoids connect on Cosmo Training app. 6th Cosmoid shows up as cosmohid.xxxx.

“I have a little problem with my Cosmo. 5 are okay to play with it in the Cosmo Training app but the 6th is on configuration like a bluetooth switch as the name of this device is not just cosmo is cosmohid.xxxx. How can I get the 6th one to work on Cosmo Training app.”

Assistive Technology Specialist


This scenario requires switching between the two modes of Cosmoids. The 6th Cosmoid is in Switch mode. It will light up in the customised colour for the accessibility switch.

Simply press the blue button on the bottom of this Cosmoid for 6-7 seconds. You will observe that the Cosmoid blinks in red for one second, go dark and on the 7th second it lights up in white.

Now your Cosmoid is in Cosmo mode, you are ready to play activities in the Cosmo Training app or re-configure the settings of the switch in the Cosmo Switch Setup app.

If the problem persists, please reach out to us via the contact form or chat, a member of our team will look into the issue.

Cosmoids are lighting up in a blending effect.

“ I was setting up my Cosmoid as a switch, once I set the character and colour, now it is lighting up in different colours one after the other.”



This means that the Cosmoid has been paired with at least one device but is not currently connected so it can be paired with a new device.

You can either go to Bluetooth settings of the current device and make a new pairing of the Cosmoid, or you can bring the device the Cosmoid was previously paired with.

The Cosmo Switch app can’t connect with my Cosmoid.

The Cosmo Switch app can’t connect with my Cosmoid.”

Speech & Language Therapist


The device has to be in Cosmo Mode, i.e. it lights up in white to work with the Cosmo Switch app.

If the Cosmoid is in Cosmo Mode, make sure there is no other Cosmo app active or running in the background in your device or other devices in the vicinity. Please close/quit the Cosmo apps and only have one Cosmo Switch app active in your device.

If you still can’t connect, please close the app, turn off the Cosmoid, disable and re-enable your device’s Bluetooth and then retry from the beginning.

My Cosmoid has been set up as a Switch yet it lights up in white.

I want to set up my Cosmoid as a switch, I have selected my preferences. Now during pairing, I can see “Cosmo” listed in my device’s Bluetooth settings but after connecting the Cosmoid doesn’t seem to do anything when I press it except for lighting up white.

Speech and Language Therapist


This might be a case of the device still in “Cosmo Mode” instead of “Switch Mode”.

Please follow the instructions in the “Using the Cosmo Switch app” section to configure your device and change to Switch Mode.

If you did connect with Cosmo Switch app but you still observe this behavior, it probably means that you forgot to press “Save” at the end.

Cosmoid lights up in the configured colour but it doesn’t seem to be connected to my device.

My Cosmoid is set up as a Switch. It lights up normally with the configured colour but it doesn’t seem to be connected to my device (computer/phone/tablet).

This is a case of the Cosmoid connected to some other device that was previously paired with it.

If you connect Cosmo Switch to multiple devices, then unpair the Cosmoid from the older device before using the next device or turn off the Bluetooth of the previous device before connecting to a new device.

Check the sections on Pairing and Unpairing )

Cosmoid shows a pink/blue blinking pattern.

When my device (computer/phone/tablet) tries to connect with the Cosmoid, it shows a pink/blue blinking pattern.

You most probably used the “Forget Device” function in the Cosmo Switch app but didn’t follow the instructions to do the same for your devices (computers/phones/tablets).

After using the “Forget” function in Cosmo Switch app, you must follow the procedure mentioned under the “Unpairing from Devices”  section for all the devices that were previously paired with the Cosmoid (unless of course you do not still own those devices). After doing that, you will be able to normally pair these devices again with your Cosmoid.

When I try to pair my device (computer/phone/tablet) with my Cosmoid, it shows an orange/red blinking pattern.

When I try to pair my device (computer/phone/tablet) with my Cosmoid, it shows an orange/red blinking pattern.

The Cosmoid has reached the maximum of 7 bonds (paired devices).

The Cosmoid can be paired with up to 7 devices. Every time you pair a device with the Cosmoid, you use one of the 7 available bonds. If at some point you reach the limit of 7 devices and you try pairing with a new device, the pairing will fail. In this case, the Cosmoid will show a blinking red/orange light pattern and reset after a few seconds.

The only option to bond to a new device is to clear all pairings from the Cosmoid through the Cosmo Switch app.

To do this follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the Cosmoid and open the Switch app.
  2. Press the “Forget Devices” text on the top of the settings screen and then press “Forget”
  3. Use the “Save” button at the bottom of the Settings screen.

If you followed the above steps, the Cosmoid will reset with all pairing information cleared from its memory.

Note: If you still use any of the devices that were previously paired with the Cosmoid before you clear pairing, it is important that you also unpair those devices from the Cosmoid.

If you don’t do that and a device that was previously paired with the Cosmoid tries to connect with it after the pairing was cleared, the Cosmoid will show a Pink/Blue blinking pattern for a few seconds and then reset

In some cases, you may need to unpair your Cosmoid from a device. For example, let’s say that you have paired your Cosmoid with your computer but you later decide that you now want to use it with your phone. If you pair the Cosmoid with your phone too and the computer is still powered on in the same room, the Cosmoid will randomly connect to one of them. So in this case you need to unpair your Cosmoid from your computer to use it exclusively with your phone.

Out of 6, one Cosmoid is not showing up and is lighting up in white.

“I have 6 Cosmoids, 5 of them connect instantly with the Cosmo Training app but the 6th one is not showing up and is lighting up in white.”

In this scenario, an existing user may have “linked” 5 Cosmoids to the iPad and forgot to “unlink” them after playing the activities.

Connect the 5 Cosmoids that are connecting to the Cosmo Training app, then from the Activity Menu, go to Settings (Gear icon on the top left), Select Advanced Settings.

You will see that 5 Cosmoids light up, on the bottom right, select Unlink from the iPad. Now your all Cosmoids are discoverable again, turn on the 6th Cosmoid and it should connect as well now.

You can set up as many Cosmo kit in the same room or building without having them interfere with each other.

To do that, you will need to set up one system first

Start the Cosmo Training app on your iPad and turn on the Cosmoids you want to connect to it.

The devices should connect in seconds, then from the Activity Menu, go to Settings (Gear icon on the top left), Select Advanced Settings, and select “link to the iPad”. 

This will tie the particular devices to the iPad i.e. iPad will not be able to connect to other Cosmoids and the connected Cosmoids will be invisible to other iPads.

Then follow the same process for any additional iPads/Cosmo sets you have.

To undo this, you can always go to advanced settings and click “Unlink from the iPad”, which will make the Cosmoids discoverable again.

I started a Firmware Update from the Cosmo Switch Setup app, but it failed…

I started a Firmware Update from the Cosmo Switch Setup app, but it failed…

We often release new features for Cosmo. In order for the new features to run smoothly on your iPad, you need to update the firmware of your devices.

Step 1

  • Have your Cosmoids fully charged- If the battery dies during the firmware update the buttons will be damaged. Do not update the firmware while the devices are charging.
  • Have your iPad charged at over 50%
  • Have your iPad’s WiFi on
  • Never turn off your devices or your iPad during a firmware update

Step 2

  • You will need to install the firmware to the devices one-by-one
  • Turn on one of your Cosmoids, by pressing the blue button on the bottom of the Cosmoid.

Step 3

  • Go to Settings icon (top left, gear icon)
  • Go to Advanced Settings

Step 4

  • If you have just one device connected, you should see a blue circle.
  • Touch “Update Firmware”, select “Next”

Step 5

  • When “Progress” reaches 100%, the update is complete.
  • You can then repeat the process with the rest of your Cosmoid devices.