Join a free Cosmo trial!

Try our award-winning interactive Bluetooth switches and inclusive Cosmo Games and activities.

This free trial lets you try out Cosmo with your learners and explore its use in a variety of learning and play scenarios.

What am I going to trial?

You will trial Cosmo Pro which includes:

  • 6 Cosmoid switches
  • 30+ Cosmo iPad games
  • Activity Guides for teachers and therapists
  • Onboarding training

You can find more details about Cosmo Pro here

Please, note that iPads are not provided as part of this trial.

How long is the trial?

Up to 4 weeks.

What happens during this period?

During this period, you have an opportunity to use Cosmo with your learners and clients for free.

The trial begins with an onboarding training session for the whole team where we showcase various use cases, ideas and inspiration around Cosmo tailored to your learners and clients.

Then, we meet at the end of the trial to see if Cosmo is the right fit for you.

Is there any commitment involved?

No. It’s a no-commitment trial. However, we’re sure you’ll love it once you lay your hands on it!

Important information: As part of our standard procedure, we will ask you to provide your organisation’s payment details before we ship Cosmo to you.

Please, note that no payment will be taken from your account during the trial or in case you decide to return Cosmo to us (within the week following the end of the trial).

If you decide to start the subscription or buy Cosmo, we will charge you accordingly after the trial ends.

How do I start?

If you’d like to register your interest in the trial at your organisation, please contact Susan Speller at susan@filisia.com