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On this page, you can find all the useful information you need to have a smooth and enjoyable journey with Cosmo.


Begin with the Cosmoids section to learn about the hardware part, from turning your device on to updating firmware.


Next, move to the Cosmo app section, where you can see how to create a new account, log in, update your app and more.


Once you’re ready to go, navigate to the Use Cases section, where you can find ideas and case studies for using Cosmo.


To see how you can use your Cosmoid for increasing accessibility, visit the Cosmo Switch section.


If you have questions, scroll down to check out the FAQ.


The Cosmoids are wireless smart buttons. They are rechargeable, sanitisable, responsive to touch and can take different colours.

You can attach your Cosmoids to many mounting systems including Ablenet’s Universal Mounting Plate.

Place your Cosmoid on the smallest of the available plates.

The two screw-holes are 5 cm apart and they fit M5 screws.

You might need a screwdriver to fasten the screws. After you have attached the Cosmoids, you will still be able to access the button to turn them on.

See here

Please see the video below on how you can use the magnets with your Cosmoid device.


Please note: The magnets have a very strong adhesive. Avoid sticking them on surfaces that can get damaged.


See the video here

Plug the Cosmoids into the charging port using the USB charging cables. You can charge up to six (6) Cosmoids at the same time.


The Cosmoids take around 3-4 hours to charge and will glow red while charging. They glow green once fully charged. Please use the charger included in your Cosmo box.


For Cosmo Switch buyers, your package does not include a USB charger but most 5V chargers with a USB output port should work with your device without a problem. Please ensure your charger can provide at least 500mA of current. If unsure whether your charger is compatible please take a picture of the specifications on the charger and send it to us at hello@filisia.com and we’ll be able to assist further.

To turn your Cosmoid ON, please press the blue button at the bottom of the device. To turn the Cosmoid OFF, please press the blue button for 2 seconds.

Regardless of which Cosmo package you have bought, you can use your Cosmoids both with the Cosmo Training app, and as external accessibility switches to:

Access AAC systems
Navigate your Computer and Tablet
Control your Media
Access educational content
Play Games
Connect to IFTTT and more

Click here to find out more.

Your Cosmoid has two modes of operation.

a) Cosmo Mode. When in Cosmo Mode, your Cosmoid works with our own applications Cosmo Training (iPad) and Cosmo Switch App (iOS and Android). In this mode, the button lights up white when you start it. In this mode, your Cosmoid cannot be connected to other applications.

b) Switch Mode. You can set your Cosmoid as a switch when you click “Save” on your Cosmo Switch App. Once you do that, your Cosmoid will be able to connect to computers, tablets, phones, AAC systems and more. When you start your Cosmoid and it is in switch mode, it will up in the colour of your choice (if it is connected) or will change colours (if it is disconnected).

To turn your Cosmoid from the Switch mode back to Cosmo mode, please press the blue button for six seconds until it starts blinking in white colour.

We often release new features for Cosmo. In order for the new features to run smoothly on your iPad, you need to update the firmware of your devices.

Step 1

Have your COSMO devices fully charged

Please ensure the buttons are properly charged. If the battery dies during the firmware update the buttons will be damaged. Do not update the firmware while the devices are charging.

Have your iPad charged at over 50%

Have your iPad’s WiFi on

Never turn off your devices or your iPad during a firmware update

Step 2

Start one of your devices

You will need to install the firmware to the devices one-by-one

Step 3

Go to Settings

Press here

Go to Advanced Settings

Step 4

If you have just one device connected, you should see this:

Touch your Cosmoid device.
You should be seeing this:

Step 5

Touch “Update Firmware”

Step 6

You should be seeing this:

Don’t worry if you see an “Error” message, or a spinning wheel saying “Connecting”. Just leave the cosmoid for a minute and the firmware should start downloading.

Step 7

When “Progress” reaches 100%, the update is complete. You can then repeat the process with the rest of your Cosmoid devices.

If you are planning to stop using your Cosmoids for a while, it is a good idea to give them a charge every 3-4 months to support the longevity of the batteries.

The Cosmo App

The Cosmoids are wireless smart buttons. They are rechargeable, sanitisable, responsive to touch and can take different colours.

Follow the steps in the app to create an account, log in, or get a password reminder.

We release new versions of the app regularly. To make sure you make the most of your Cosmo experience, please ensure you have turned on the Automatic Updates.

To do that on your iPad you need to open Settings > App Store. Under Automatic Downloads, make sure that the “Automatic Updates” option is Turned On.

The menu on the left (cog) includes an Activity Guides section. There you can select a skill you want to work on and you will see a quick guide for using a Cosmo activity for that particular skill.

On the right side of the screen, you will see a Funnel icon. Clicking on it will let you filter the activities, by setting, skill, number of players and more. Once you are done, remember to clear filters to see the rest of the available activities.

You can set up as many Cosmo kit in the same room or building without having them interfere with each other. To do that, you will need to set up one system first. Start the Cosmo Training app on your iPad and turn on the Cosmoids you want to connect to it. The devices should connect in seconds. Then go to advanced settings in your app menu and click “Remember Units”. This will tie the particular devices to the iPad. In other words, the iPad will not be able to connect to other Cosmoids and the connected Cosmoids will be invisible to other iPads. Then follow the same process for any additional iPads/Cosmo sets you have. To undo this, you can always go to advanced settings and click “Forget Units”, which will make the devices discoverable again.

Go to the Setting menu in the top left part of the screen and navigate to Advanced Settings. Select your Cosmo unit and swipe from 0 to 100% to make the Cosmoid less or more responsive.

Use cases

Cosmo is being used in classrooms, therapy centres, homes, hospitals, and care homes worldwide. This section provides initial ideas on using Cosmo for your first session(s). You can find more use cases via the menu on the left in the Cosmo app.

Cosmo is a useful tool to support both your child’s and your family’s daily life through enabling ways to communicate easier and more effectively. Cosmo aids inclusive play with siblings allows quality family time and supports family interaction through a variety of activities available in the Cosmo Training app.

More here

Cosmo has been developed over the years working with therapy professionals who seek to enrich traditional therapy.

Cosmo has been present in therapy centres all over the world for many years supporting people in a variety of areas: occupational, speech & language, physical movement, musical expression and many others.

Cosmo is a highly versatile tool and can be used to complement exercises aiming to develop communication skills, musical expression, physical movement, emotional regulation and daily living skills. You can find more ideas on how Cosmo Training activities can enrich some of those areas here.

The Cosmo Training app contains a variety of creative and practical activities, all of which have been designed to allow teachers to develop stimulating learning opportunities for learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), as well as in Early Years settings (EYFS).

All of the activities are designed to engage learners in specific curriculum-related subject areas, as well as develop social, communication, cognitive, creative and motor skills. Cosmo offers unique opportunities to identify, record and celebrate the small but important achievements made by learners with SEND.

More here

  1. Follow the Set-up Guide available in the box.
  2. When you open the app, read through Introduction.
  3. Open Settings, where you are able to see your profile, Quick Start Guide, Lesson Plans and send Feedback. Going further, you are also able to customise Advanced Settings of individual Cosmoids, get help using Troubleshooting and Firmware Update Guide.
  4. Explore Quick Start Guide where you will find a few easy steps to using Cosmo for the first time.

Exploring Lesson Plans is a useful way to organise your first session with Cosmo. 

  1. Open Lesson Plans.
  2. Choose an area that you would like to focus on e.g. Sensory Integration, Vocalisation or Collaboration.
  3. Explore the area by selecting a specific lesson plan which will provide step-by-step guidance on how to initiate and carry out the activity.
  4. The lesson plans offer Extra Activities that can enrich the main exercise or make it more challenging. 

Alternatively, open the settings menu on the right-hand side of the main screen and choose the skills you want to practise, difficulty, mode and the number of players.

Cosmo Switch

The world’s most durable and customisable accessibility switch.

Navigate your computer and tablet, control your media, access your AAC, educational content, games and more.

All Cosmoid devices, regardless of the package (Switch, Excel, Explore, Home, or Pro), can work with the Cosmo Training app or as accessibility switches. As an accessibility switch, the Cosmoid can be paired with tablets, computers and phones that support Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth V4.0 or later). This allows you to use the switch to control your AAC apps, navigate your computer or tablet, access games, educational materials and more.

Cosmoids are in Cosmo Mode with their default factory settings and will only work with the Cosmo Training app. To use the device as an accessibility switch, the operation mode has to be changed to Switch Mode, and the Cosmo Switch app is needed to configure the settings for Switch Mode.

The current operation mode of the device (Cosmo Mode vs Switch Mode) can be distinguished easily by its behaviour when it is on. If the device lights up in white colour when the power button is pressed, it is operating in Cosmo Mode. If the device lights up in any other colour or blinking pattern during power on, then the device is running in Switch Mode.

Please check the following important notes before starting:

Note: To connect a Cosmoid to the Cosmo Switch app, it has to be operating in Cosmo Mode. This means that the device should light up in white colour when it’s on. If this is not the case, follow the instructions in the “Switching Between Operation Modes” section to switch into Cosmo Mode before using the app.

Note: The Cosmo Switch app can be used to configure one Cosmoid at a time. If you have more than one, please make sure that the rest of them are powered off during the procedure. If more than one device is turned on with the app opened, please turn off all the devices, close the app and restart from the beginning.

Please download the Cosmo Switch app from App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) and follow these steps:

  1. Turn a single Cosmoid on by pressing the power button at the bottom of the device.
  2. Open the Cosmo Switch app and press “next” on the first screen. If the device connected successfully, you should be able to see the settings screen on the app with device information on top (Serial Number, Firmware Version etc.).
  3. The application may inform you that the Cosmoid Firmware needs to be updated. Please follow the instructions of the app to update the firmware and then restart the procedure from the beginning.
  4. From this screen, you can customise the settings of the device (Check the “Settings Guide” sections for details).
  5. When you finish adjusting the settings, make sure you press the “Save”  button at the bottom of the settings screen.
  6. After the “Save” button is pressed, the device will restart into Switch Mode. You can now close the app.
  7. Follow the instructions in the “Pairing” Section to pair the Cosmoid to your device (computer/tablet/phone) and you are ready.

After following the above instructions, the device should now work as a single key keyboard.

Note: To use the Cosmoid as an accessibility switch to navigate third-party apps, you will also need to follow the instructions of the app manufacturer on how to set up switches.

Note: To use the Cosmoid as a system-wide accessibility switch, you may need to change the settings of your device’s Operating System.

This guide explains the settings that can be configured using the Cosmo Switch app.

Select colour

Select the colour for your Cosmoid. You can choose between 12 colours.

Select character

When you set up your switch, it will send information to the paired device (phone, tablet, computer) to activate a specific keyboard character. This setting lets you select which character is going to be sent whenever you press your switch. Choose between Space, Enter, Arrow up, Arrow down, Arrow left, Arrow right, Tab, ~1, ~3, F7, F8, Volume up, Volume down.

Note: If you use multiple Cosmoids as accessibility switches for use with the Operating System accessibility features, the actual character selection may not be very important. It is important though that you select different characters for each of the Cosmoids so that the operating system is able to distinguish them. For example if you use 2 switches, a good choice would be to use one as “Enter” key and the other as “Space” key. These 2 particular characters are also used very often by third party accessibility apps for scanning and selecting.


Cosmoids are one of the most responsive switches globally, allowing users to activate them with minimal force. However, we realize that some people might require less responsive devices. This setting enables you to select the Cosmoid’s responsiveness, to match every person’s individual needs. After you adjust the slider, you can test the setting by pressing cosmo and checking how much force it takes to activate it.


Adjust the brightness of your Cosmoid. Decrease or increase the brightness by adjusting the slider. Lower brightness settings will improve the Cosmoids battery life.

Light mode

Would you like your Cosmoid to be fully lit and then dim when you press it, or do you prefer it the other way round? This setting allows you to control how the Cosmoid’s light responds to your touch.


Would you prefer your switch to send the character selected when you press it or release it? This setting lets you choose the moment in which the Cosmoid sends the signal to the paired device.

Activation delay

With this setting, you can select how long you need to be pressing your Cosmoid before it is activated. For example, if you choose 1 second, you will need to keep your Cosmoid pressed for 1 second before it gets activated. You can set the Activation delay from 0.1 sec to 1.4 sec.

Battery saving

Turn this setting to “On” to activate the Battery saving mode. With this setting enabled, if the Cosmoid is not used for 20 minutes, the light will be turned OFF but it will stay connected and can be re-enabled easily by pressing it. After 3 hours of inactivity the device will automatically shut down.

If this setting is turned to “OFF”, the device light will not be affected by inactivity but the device will still automatically shutdown after 4 hours if it is not used.

Forget device

Please check the section “Clearing Cosmoid Pairing” for more information on this function

To use the Cosmoid as an accessibility switch, you have to first pair it with a device (computer, phone, tablet). After pairing it once, the Cosmoid will automatically connect with the paired device in the future.

Before pairing make sure that the Cosmoid is powered on in Switch Mode and is not already connected with another device. You can verify that the Cosmoid is ready for pairing depending on the light status:

  1. The light is blinking with alternate blue/turquoise colours. This means that the Cosmoid is not currently paired with any device and is ready to be paired.
  2. The light is on and showing a blending colour effect. This means that the Cosmoid has been paired with at least one device but is not currently connected  so it can be paired with a new device.

Note: If your Cosmoid is not in one of the above states, make sure that you are in Switch Mode and that the Cosmoid is not already connected to a device. Please consult the “Getting Started” or “Troubleshooting” sections for more information.

To pair with a device, you need to enable Bluetooth and open the device specific Bluetooth Settings:

  • “Bluetooth Preferences” for macOS
  • “Add Bluetooth or other device” on Windows
  • “Bluetooth” in “Settings” of iOS

The Cosmoid should appear in a list as “Cosmo HIDxxxxx” (where xxxxx is the device’s serial number). All you have to do from this point is to connect to the Cosmoid. If everything went well, the device should stop showing the light patterns described above and enter normal switch operation (the light brightness and colour depend on the settings made during configuration with Cosmo Switch app).

Note: A Cosmoid in Switch Mode supports pairing with up to 7 devices but can only connect to 1 device at a time. This means that if you pair one Cosmoid to multiple devices, and those devices are simultaneously active when the Cosmoid is powered on, the Cosmoid will randomly connect to only one of them. So if you just want to use a Cosmoid with a new device, it is good practice to first unpair it from the old device that is no longer using it. If you need to use your Cosmoid with multiple devices (for example because you want to use it with both your computer and tablet), then you have to keep only one of them turned on at a time (or alternatively keep Bluetooth OFF for the rest of the devices that are not currently in use).

In some cases you may need to unpair your Cosmoid from a device. For example, lets say that you have paired your Cosmoid with your computer but you later decide that you now want to use it with your phone. If you pair the Cosmoid with your phone too and the computer is still powered on in the same room, the Cosmoid will randomly connect to one of them. So in this case you need to unpair your Cosmoid from your computer to use it exclusively with your phone.

To unpair a device from a Cosmoid you need to go to the devices settings and unpair the device.

  • For iOS, go to “Settings”->”Bluetooth”. Find the Cosmoid in the list and press the small circled “i” on the Right. From the screen that will open, select “Forget Device”
  • For a Windows PC, go to “Bluetooth & other Devices”, select the Cosmoid and press “Remove Device”
  • For macOS, go to “Bluetooth Preferences”, select right click on your Cosmoid and press “remove”

Note: Some of these operating systems have the option to “disconnect” which is not what you want to do to unpair from the Cosmoid. You have to select “Forget” or “Remove” instead.

The Cosmoid can be paired with up to 7 devices. Every time you pair a device with the Cosmoid, you use one of the 7 available bonds. If at some point you reach the limit of 7 devices and you try pairing with a new device, the pairing will fail. In this case, the Cosmoid will show a blinking red/orange light pattern and reset after a few seconds. The only option to bond to a new device is to clear all pairing from the Cosmoid through the Cosmo Switch app. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Follow the instructions in section “Using the Switch App” to connect with the device.
  2. Press the “Forget Devices” text on the top of the settings screen and then press “Forget”
  3. Use the “save” button on the bottom of the Settings screen.

If you followed the above steps, the Cosmoid will reset with all pairing information cleared from its memory.

Note: If you still use any of the devices that were previously paired with the Cosmoid before you clear pairing, it is important that you also unpair those devices from the Cosmoid. If you don’t do that and a device that was previously paired with the Cosmoid tries to connect with it after the pairing was cleared, the Cosmoid will show a Pink/Blue blinking pattern for a few seconds and then reset.

You can switch the device from Cosmo Mode to Switch Mode through the Cosmo Switch app after configuring its settings.

Alternatively, you can also change to Switch Mode by following these steps:

  1. Turn on the device (if not already turned on). Note: Make sure that the device colour was white during power on. If not, then the device is already in Switch Mode.
  2. Continuously press the power button on the bottom of the device until you see a blue blinking pattern. Note: While continuously pressing the power button you will see the normal power-off light effect and the device light will be turned off for a few seconds. Please keep pressing the button until you see the blinking pattern. 
  3. Release the power button. The device will now power on into Switch Mode.

To switch from Switch Mode to Cosmo Mode, the only option is to use the power button in a similar way:

  1. Turn on the device (if not already turned on). Note: Make sure that the device colour was not white during power on. If it was white, then the device is already in Cosmo Mode.
  2. Continuously press the power button on the bottom of the device until you see a white blinking pattern. Note: While continuously pressing the power button you will see the normal power-off light effect and the device light will be turned off for a few seconds before you see the blinking pattern.
  3. Release the power button. The device will now power on into Cosmo Mode. 


Here, you can find help if you’re experiencing technical issues. You can also check out the FAQs or fill out the contact form, and we will get back to you.

If you are planning to stop using your cosmoids for a while, it is a good idea to give them a charge every 3-4 months to support the longevity of the batteries.

If you have any issue with your cosmoid, please check the following list of common problems and solutions before contacting our customer support.

The Cosmo Switch app can’t connect with my Cosmoid.

Please read carefully the first notes in “Cosmo Switch app” section. The device has to be in Cosmo Mode to work with the Cosmo Switch app. If the Cosmoid is in Cosmo Mode but you still can’t connect, please close the app, turn off the Cosmoid, disable and re-enable your device’s Bluetooth and then retry from the beginning.

The Firmware Update failed and now my Cosmoid stays dark and unresponsive.

Please close and re-open the Cosmo Switch app and try to connect with the device to start the Firmware Update again. If the Cosmo App can’t connect with the Cosmoid, press the power button on the bottom of the device once and try reconnecting with the Cosmo Switch app. If the problem persists, try the following steps:

  1. Connect the charger to your Cosmoid (The light will probably stay dark)
  2. Close the Cosmo Switch app and reboot your phone while your Cosmoid is charging.
  3. Remove the charger from your Cosmoid after about 10 minutes.
  4. Try to connect with the Cosmo Switch app again to restart the firmware update.

I can see “Cosmo” listed in my device’s Bluetooth settings but after connecting the Cosmoid doesn’t seem to do anything when I press it except for lighting up white.

The device is probably still in “Cosmo Mode” instead of “Switch Mode”. Please follow the instructions in “Using the Cosmo Switch app” section to configure your device and change to Switch Mode.

If you did connect with Cosmo Switch app but you still observe this behavior, it probably means that you forgot to press “Save” at the end.

My Cosmoid lights up normally with the configured color but it doesn’t seem to be connected to my device (computer/phone/tablet).

Please make sure that the Cosmoid is not connected to some other device that was previously paired with it. If this is the case, unpair the Cosmoid from the older device. Check the sections on Pairing and Unpairing for more information.

When my device (computer/phone/tablet) tries to connect with the Cosmoid, it shows a pink/blue blinking pattern.

You most probably used the “Forget Device” function in the Cosmo Switch app but didn’t also follow the instructions to do the same for your devices (computers/phones/tablets). After using the “Forget” function in Cosmo Switch app, you must follow the procedure in “Unpairing from Devices” section for all the devices that were previously paired with the Cosmoid (unless of course you do not still own those devices). After doing that, you will be able to normally pair these devices again with your Cosmoid.

When I try to pair my device (computer/phone/tablet) with my Cosmoid, it shows an orange/red blinking pattern.

The Cosmoid has reached the maximum of 7 bonds (paired devices). To pair with a new device, you have to follow the procedure in “Clearing Cosmoid Pairing” and “Unpair from Devices” to clear all bonds between the Cosmoid and your devices. After this, you will have to re-pair with all the devices you still need to use with the Cosmoid.

If you haven’t found an answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form or at hello(at)filisia.com.

If you haven’t found an answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form or at hello(at)filisia.com.

Looking for an answer to your question? Check out our FAQ page here. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, get in touch here.