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Membership Agreement


By completing your purchase and starting your monthly Cosmo Pro subscription, you agree to be bound and abide by this agreement and any reasonable amendments.


  • The Cosmo Excel and accessories remain the property of Filisia Interfaces Ltd at all times.
  • As part of Cosmo Pro subscription, you will receive full device warranty* including free replacements of your Cosmoids should they incur manufacture or accidental damage (This does not include water damage or mishandling).
  • The Cosmo subscription also entitles you to full access to all of the activities and lesson plans we have available, in addition to any future updates and new activities.
  • Your Cosmo subscription entitles you to book on to our training sessions and user refresher sessions throughout your membership, free of charge. To enquire about the next available ‘Refresher training’ or ‘New starter training’ for additional users, please email hello@filisia.com.
  • You will be responsible for the agreed monthly membership payment until the subscription has been cancelled** VAT will be removed if the relevant certification is shown and the exemption applies.
  • The first payment will be taken by direct debit within 5 working days of your online purchase using the details provided. This initial payment will include a one off shipping charge in addition to the monthly recurring charge. All subsequent payments will be taken automatically by direct debit (or by any other payment means as agreed by a representative of Filisia Interfaces). This payment will be made on the same date each month as agreed by a representative of Filisia Interfaces. If the initial payment fails, the payment will be retried until the monthly membership charge is successful.
  • To cancel your Cosmo subscription, a cancellation request must be made in writing to subscription@filisia.com at least 14 days before the payment date. The Cosmo Excel must be returned in full to Filisia Interfaces before your next payment date or you will still be charged for the following month, and subsequent months until it has been returned. Upon cancellation of your Cosmo subscription, a shipping label will be sent to you from subscription@filisia.com, Please ensure the box is packaged appropriately with all cables and attachments inside. The shipping label must be printed and attached to the box. You will be charged for any missing items in accordance with the replacement product pricing in the terms and conditions. Upon complete failure to return the Cosmo device, you will be liable to pay the purchase price of the corresponding Cosmo set in full.


*The terms of the full device warranty will be subject to the terms and conditions outlined on our website filisia.com

**Filisia Interfaces reserves the right to cancel your subscription at any time upon any breaches of membership agreement or terms and conditions.

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    • Terms and Conditions:
      • Purchase any Cosmo product or subscription plan between x and x 2023 and you could win your money back!

      • Simply purchase your product from https://www.explorecosmo.com/shop/ register your name & email address and upload proof of payment and you’ll be entered in to the free draw.

      • Open to residents of the UK and USA only

      • Draw will take place on x March and winner notified by email

      • No alternative available

      • Payment will be made in to the bank account of your choice or via PayPal based on the amount stated on your proof of purchase

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      Sign up for our newsletterSign up and receive a free e-book with a bunch of holiday tips for parents and teachers and start your journey with Cosmo today!