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    • Begin by setting up your Cosmo Training app and your Cosmoids.
    • Search and download the Cosmo Training App from AppStore.
    • Use your email address and a strong password to create a new account.
    • Log into the app.
    • To turn on your Cosmoids, press the blue button at the bottom of each switch.

    Open Settings (top left part of the screen), where you will find some useful tabs:

    • Quick Start Guide
    • Activity Guides
    • Advanced Settings for individual Cosmoids.

    You can customise your Cosmoid to be less or more responsive to your touch.
    Go to Advanced Settings > Tap the lit-up Cosmoid > Swipe from 0 to 100%.

    Each activity has certain settings which you can adjust to the learners’ individual needs, such as, Sound On/Off, Difficulty Level, Select Music Track, Background etc.

    You can also filter the activities based on skills, the number of players, difficulty level, and the number of Cosmoids using the Filter section in the top right corner.

    If you need help, go to Troubleshooting and Firmware Update Guide.

    • Familiarise

      Cosmo Training app has a variety of activities that help develop various physical and cognitive skills. Here are some activities that the learner(s) can play to take their first steps with Cosmo.

    • Exploration, Exercise and My Voice are some easy-to-use cause-and-effect games that the learner(s) can play individually. These games offer the learner(s) the opportunity to explore activities at their own pace and get used to some Cosmo features.


      Once the learner(s) become familiar with the system, they can choose to play collaborative games in pairs or small groups with their peers, siblings, family members or adults.

    • Colour Matching, My Orchestra and Turn Taking are great activities offering opportunities for inclusive play and communication with others to boost social interaction.

      Need a break?

      Learner(s) can engage in sensory experiences using activities like Fireworks and Cosmonaut. These activities can be a part of their sensory diet aiming to release some pent-up energy, and calm their mind and body.

    • Looking for a challenge?

      Some learners like a healthy challenge and want to up their skills and performance with each session. Activities like Showdown and Tap Dash provide such challenging experiences through the possibility to set a challenging duration of the game or a continuous increase of the difficulty level. You can also maintain a scoreboard for each session and invite other learners to engage in team games.

    • Did you know…

      Each Cosmoid can be used as an external controller to access and navigate AAC apps, Netflix, Spotify, online games, educational content and more. The Cosmoids can be paired via Bluetooth to Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, iOS phones and tablets.

      To learn how to customise your Cosmoid as an accessibility switch, download the Cosmo Switch Setup app from AppStore or PlayStore and watch this tutorial.


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Visit Launchpad: Your guide to all things Cosmo, where you will find all you need to know about your Cosmo, from charging your devices to some interaction ideas.

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