Cosmo Excel

£ 800

Cosmo Excel


A pack for organisations, teachers and therapists
to support inclusive learning, therapy and play.

6 Cosmoids
18 Activities
2 Year Warranty
Price excludes shipping costs and VAT
(where applicable)


Cosmo Excel consists of a set of six smart, dynamic and visually appealing buttons called “Cosmoids” and an iPad app featuring 18 highly-motivating and intuitive activities designed by teachers and occupational, physical and speech & language therapists.


Cosmo Excel is versatile and able to be used in a group setting, in an individual therapy session or at home. It is evidence-based, with an independent research study specifically conducted on Cosmo yielding positive results in the areas of attention, engagement and emotional regulation.


Cosmo is aimed at early years learners and people with special educational and therapy needs, and is being used to support the development of:


  • Joint Attention
  • Turn Taking
  • Choice Making
  • Collaboration
  • Motor Skills
  • Language
  • Sequencing
  • Waiting
  • Transitions
  • Storytelling
  • Executive Function
  • Sensory Awareness


The included activities are:


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