Sensory circuits: Alerting station

A happy boy jumping in the air.

In this article, we concentrate on using Cosmo to complement the alerting station. This station is the first of the three stations within the sensory circuit. It helps the learner prepare for learning through exercises aiming to increase the awareness of the body. Alerting station provides vestibular (sense of balance) and proprioceptive (body awareness) stimulation within a controlled environment.

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To complement this station, use the physical exercise activities available in the Cosmo Training App to practice balance and body awareness. The Exercise and Showdown activities can enrich this station by complementing the traditional movements used within the sensory circuit.

Open Exercise or Showdown. Instead of running to press the Cosmoids, encourage children to do bunny hops or frog jumps and use hands to press Cosmoids that light up. Make sure to place the Cosmoids at a distance to increase physical activity.

Use magnets included in the box to attach Cosmoids to the wall. Once the Cosmoids are securely placed, play the same activity and invite children to do squat jumps to press the Cosmoids on the wall.

Watch this video to see how to attach magnets.

Experiment with placing the Cosmoids on the floor and the wall and making the activity more dynamic and challenging. Do bunny hops or frog jumps on the floor and squat jumps to reach the Cosmoids on the wall.

Explore other movements to enrich the activities and make the sensory circuits even more fun!

What’s next?

Stay tuned for more ideas on using Cosmo for complementing sensory circuits.

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