Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions


1.6. If you have purchased a Cosmo Pro/Cosmo Home, initial payment including one-off shipping charge and first month subscription charge, will be taken within 5 working days by direct debit using the details provided. The subsequent payments will be taken on the same date each month as outlined on the membership agreement. We reserve the right to re-process your payment at any time until payment is made.

1.7. If we fail to receive two consecutive payments, we reserve the right to cancel your subscription upon which time the full retail cost of the Cosmo device will be due.

2.5. If you wish to cancel your Cosmo Pro/Cosmo Home subscription, we must receive notice of cancellation at least 14 days before your next direct debit payment date. The product must be received in full (as per the terms of service) before the next payment is due. If the product is not received by Filisia, the full cost of the Cosmo device will be due in full. 

4.5. Ownership to the Products (except any purchases made under the Cosmo Pro/Home subscription service and any Software included which is subject to the End User Licence Agreement) will pass to you once Filisia receives payment in full, or when we deliver the Products to you (or your representative), whichever is later. The transfer of ownership of the Products does not mean that you own any Intellectual Property Rights in the Products you purchase from Filisia. If the Contract is terminated before that passing of title in the Products occurs, we may recover any Products supplied to you and you agree to assist us in such circumstances

4.6. Under the terms of the Cosmo Pro/Home subscriptions, the products and accessories remain the property of Filisia Interfaces Ltd at all times.

5.7. Service cancellation requests must be made in writing to subscription@filisia.com and will be responded to within 7 days. Cancellation requests will only be actioned if received 14 days before the next direct debit payment is due.

6.7. The unlimited warranty agreed under the Cosmo Pro/Home subscription is subject to fair use policy. We reserve the right to deny any replacement deemed intentionally damaged or damaged by careless misuse. E.g. Mishandling/ Water, malicious, fire damage.