Despite most activities still taking place online in 2021, we enjoyed attending many fantastic events and connecting with families and fellow professionals both online and offline. We say a big thank you to all the people who joined their efforts to ensure the same networking and growth opportunities despite the pandemic challenges.


We had the pleasure to attend inclusive play sessions organised regularly by the A2ndVoice charity and meet many wonderful families. A2ndVoice is based in Lambeth, London, gathering families with children with Autism and ADHD, providing fun and support throughout the year.


Naidex, one of the world’s most established events gathering professionals and organisations that support independent living and display various state-of-the-art solutions to improve mobility, accessibility and cognitive training. Meeting like-minded people, networking and sharing ideas at Naidex was an immensely positive experience, and we loved every minute of it!

Want to know more about what happened at Naidex? Check out our overview of companies we met and talks and twilight sessions we attended. 

Festival of Inclusive Education

We also attended the Festival of Inclusive Education organised by Texthelp. It was the first event of this kind aimed to discuss the right support for students with additional needs in schools and higher education. 

Charlton Park Academy

We have finally been able to get out there and visit Charlton Park Academy in London. A fantastic academy for students with complex special educational needs. We had great fun telling stories, matching colours and joining up to form an orchestra with Cosmo.

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TechShare Pro

During TechShare Pro, a gathering of accessibility and inclusion leaders, we learned so much about creating inclusive workplaces with AbilityNet and Coca-Cola, accessible gaming with Microsoft, creating accessible content with Texthelp and building the global disability movement with Google, Yahoo, BBC and accessible music-making with DigitMusic. Their live music session was amazing! 


TES SEN, the UK’s leading SEND event, was fantastic as always. Meeting fellow professionals who share your passion for SEN education is the best way to grow both personally and professionally. 

Cosmo Webinars

Lastly, we also launched our own series of webinars which we hope to continue in 2022. We talk about inclusive learning, therapy and play, challenges to creating a fully inclusive learning environment and we can overcome them with technology. Make sure to follow us on Eventbrite to receive updates on new events.

Meanwhile, you can grab an early-bird ticket for our next webinar here: How to use Cosmo for Learning, Therapy and Play, an overview of Cosmo and its practical applications across education, therapy and home use.